Only 49 Maui Dolphins left – Call for international help!

Maui’s dolphins live only in New Zealand and are the smallest and rarest marine dolphin species on earth. Fishing with gill nets and trawling has driven them to the very edge of extinction. There are now just around 50 (6 died now!) Maui’s dolphins left [..] the species can only cope with a single fatality as a result of human activities every 10-23 years. Yet these fishing methods kill an estimated five Maui’s dolphins each year. The last survivors need to be protected now before it’s too late and here is your chance to help make that happen.

[PETITION, please click and sign

Artists from Vienna playing for saving the smallest and rarest Dolphins of the world

click to start]:

youtube-video dazu:

Es gibt nur mehr 49 Maui-Delphine. Sie brauchen unsere Hilfe. Du kannst helfen (und Deine Familie und Freunde) Bitte unterschreibt die Internationale Unterschriftenliste (siehe Link oben… )



About Venite Austria

“music is not only to be listened – music it is able to connect people” Venite-austria wants to realise music-social compositons for special projects and will document them.
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