Vienna’s (Austria) famous building ‘KARLSKIRCHE’

by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach

a PICT1114 PICT1139 PICT1138 PICT1137 PICT1136 PICT1135 PICT1133 PICT1132 PICT1131 PICT1130 PICT1129 PICT1128 PICT1127 PICT1126 PICT1125 PICT1124 PICT1123 PICT1122 PICT1121 PICT1120 PICT1119 PICT1118 PICT1117 PICT1116 PICT1115 PICT1113 PICT1112 PICT1111 PICT1110 PICT1109 PICT1108 PICT1107 PICT1106 PICT1105 PICT1104 PICT1103 PICT1102 PICT1101 PICT1099 PICT1098 PICT1097 PICT1096 PICT1095 PICT1094 PICT1093 PICT1092 PICT1091 PICT1090 PICT1089 PICT1088 PICT1086 PICT1085 PICT1084 PICT1083 PICT1082 PICT1081 PICT1080 PICT1078 PICT1077 PICT1076 PICT1075 PICT1074 PICT1073 PICT1071 PICT1070 PICT1069 PICT1067 PICT1066 PICT1065 PICT1064 PICT1062 PICT1061 PICT1060 PICT1059 PICT1058 PICT1057 PICT1056 PICT1055 PICT1054 PICT1053 PICT1052 PICT1051 PICT1049 PICT1048 PICT1047 PICT1046 PICT1045 PICT1043 PICT1042 PICT1041 PICT1040 PICT1039 PICT1038 PICT1037 PICT1036  Karlskirche spaziergang e PICT1087 d PICT1072 c PICT1068 b PICT1063


About Venite Austria

“music is not only to be listened – music it is able to connect people” Venite-austria wants to realise music-social compositons for special projects and will document them.
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4 Responses to Vienna’s (Austria) famous building ‘KARLSKIRCHE’

  1. You’re making me all nostalgic with these pics – I studied in Austria for a semester (not in Vienna, but I did spend 5 days there) and it was the best time of my life!

  2. Exquisite post..I love Vienna .l spend beautiful time in this classical city .Regards and thank you for following my blog.jalal

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