Save the Blood Dolphins 2012 Rewind

Save the Dolphins!

A Dolphin Activist

Soon we will be welcoming 2013. We are not tooting our own horn  but when we look back at 2012 its was a wonderful year, it was full of achievements and some sorrow. Thanks to all of you, that support us and help us spread awareness we have made great strides and we look forward to the New Year 2013. We want to share with you some of the highlights of this wonderful year 2012. Let’s rewind shall we?

~January 2012

We held our 2nd annual protest in front of the Japanese Consulate – Occupy the Japan Embassy in Miami. With our great friend, Mila deMier in attendance. The Geisha girls rocked the town, special thanks to Cynthia Blaez and Mila deMier.

~February 2012

We watched Leilani Munter,  race for the Cove in Daytona Beach Race track.  Leilani one awesome Dolphin Activist.

~March 2012:

A call to action was called…

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About Venite Austria

“music is not only to be listened – music it is able to connect people” Venite-austria wants to realise music-social compositons for special projects and will document them.
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